Our Approach

Our Approach

Working Together to Transform Systems

Hope, Healing & Essential Tools

At MnEEP, we believe schools should be places of hope and healing, where the humanity of every student is celebrated and uplifted.  

But to get there, we must work together to fundamentally transform the historical systems, structures, and culture of racism that continue to disenfranchise students of color and American Indian students in Minnesota. 

MnEEP equips educators, schools, and districts with essential tools and knowledge to address and dismantle racist practices in education and build racially just learning environments where every student has the opportunity to achieve their full potential. 

We work with districts and educators to advance original research, community-led convenings, network-building, and advocacy to build justice and fairness for Minnesota’s POCI students—and to ensure educators are school leaders are equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to create healing, empowering education spaces that support the full development of every student.

Through trusting, collaborative relationships, we can advance a more racially just education system and build a world where all Minnesotans have the skill, will, and autonomy to thrive. 

Our Approach

Every student deserves to achieve their full potential.

Our Offerings

For Educators 

MnEEP provides professional services, trainings, and conveenings to equip educators with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to address individual racism and implicit bias and build a more just education practice that supports the development and identity of all of their students. 

For Districts and Superintendents 

MnEEP centers collaborative, cross-cultural relationships and networks to help school leaders build the capacity to support institutional change and advance culture, practices, and policies anchored in racial justice and anti-racism.

For Communities 

MnEEP centers the voices, stories, and experiences of communities of color and American Indian communities to develop strategic race equity action plans and practices for community leaders, educators, and families dedicated to building more equitable school communities. By centering and uplifting POCI communities, we can build an education system where justice and equity are possible. 

For POCI Students 

Every student deserves to achieve their full potential. The identity, talent, and development of students of color and American Indian students should be uplifted by our education systems and institutions as part of a campaign for human dignity and justice.

It is also vital to remember that while structural and systemic racism have created an education ecosystem with barriers and challenges, the joys and dreams of communities of color are vast and wide.

Let’s continue to instill respect for and uplift students’ cultural backgrounds among our educators and communities —to celebrate the diverse scientific, cultural, artistic, and leadership contributions of every cultural community.

This is an essential way we can care for our students of color and American Indian students in Minnesota and nationwide.

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